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While vodka is the top selling hard liquor in the U.S., whiskey, as it turns out, is hot on vodka’s trail, with sales of the brown liquor on the rise despite whiskey prices increasing and vodka prices decreases.

According to Men’s Health, the majority of this increase can be credited to high-end brands such as Bulleit and Woodford Reserve, as opposed to traditional brands like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. Experts point to the Millennial draw to fancier craft drinks, which skews more towards the whiskey category than vodka, as another cause of the whiskey boom. Because hipsters gonna hipster.

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With the craft trend on the rise, with booze and beer alike, anything with the local feel to it seems to be doing rather well. So, don’t be surprised if the American whiskey boom continues for years to come.

So, what’ll it be, pardner?

Sounds good to me.