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We have ourselves a weekend warrior. Actually, everyday must be the weekend for this guy.

Barstool Sports got themselves a boozetastic bit of reader mail that included a picture of a man in hospital patient garb who moseyed up to a bar called the Taggart House in Northeast Philadelphia and demanded a double shot of Jack Daniels.

The guy was said to have “reeked of piss.” More importantly, he “still had an IV in his arm” and was denied service.

We’ll just let the fan mail speak for itself:

Reader Email: This shit is pretty funny

Some guy walked into The Taggart house in Northeast Philly and DEMANDED a double shot of Jack Daniels. Sadly I had to turn him down. Guy reeked of piss and and still had an IV in his arm. I was kinda conflicted, as you can tell, as whether to serve him are not.


And yes, a photo was included.

The picture doesn’t just show the extremely recent patient ordering a drink but a bar employee named Connor who was visibly stunned stupid.

We’re going to assume it was Connor who made the call to deny this man the double he sought and told the world, with the help of a girlfriend and Snapchat, about another sunny day in Philadelphia.

Thanks, Connor.

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