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Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are hitting the campaign trail for their first appearance together. The goal: connecting Clinton with more progressive voters.

The two will appear at Clinton’s rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Monday. It will be Clinton’s third trip to the Buckeye State in two weeks.

Word of Warren’s appearance has some wondering if she is on Clinton’s short list of potential running mates, a rumor that has been swirling for weeks. Things hit a fever pitch when Warren was spotted arriving at Clinton’s home for a meeting on June 10.

A new CNN/ORC poll indicates Democrats aren’t fully on board with Warren as a running mate. Thirty-four percent want her on Clinton’s ticket while 54 percent would like to see someone else as vice president.

The two have not had a close relationship and Warren has even slammed some of Clinton’s policies in the past. But, Clinton and Warren do share a strong dislike of Donald Trump, something Warren has frequently put on display in tweets and speeches.


Yolanda R. Arrington |