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If you go to Hooters on Valentine’s Day, free chicken will appear before eyes if you tear up a picture of your ex, the restaurant has announced.

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On the Hooters website, there’s an explanation for the offer before a quiz.

via Hooters
via Hooters

“Because your ex’s picture is worth a thousand curse words,” it reads. “Mend your broken heart. Get rid of that photographic reminder of you-know-who by answering a few quick questions. Your responses will provide the most satisfying method of disposal, so the healing can begin.

Our method? Bury it.

Here’s how it works: buy ten wings on Feb. 14 and get ten free if you tear up bad memories.

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Which ex should you tear up, you ask?

What if you have a “whole book” of ex-flames?

We’re gonna need a bigger shredder.

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