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Considering that beer is usually the drink of choice on Super Bowl Sunday (just imagine the sound of millions of Bud Lights being cracked the second kickoff is under way), having a wine company advertise the day of the Big Game doesn’t exactly sound all that likely.

But Australian wine brand Yellowtail changed all that when it came out with a 30-second spot for this Sunday’s game. How did it manage to capture the attention of its predominately beer-guzzling audience, you might ask? By having smokeshow Maxim modelΒ Ellie Gonsalves petting a kangaroo, that’s how.

Also, is “pet my roo” some sort of Australian euphemism that we’re not aware of? This guy seems to think so.


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Gonsalves could have even the staunchest of beer drinkers buying wine by the case with just a single sultry look towards the camera. Just check out some of her modeling work and you’ll see what we mean.

Having grown up in Australia I have had some of the most amazing beaches on my doorstep for most of my life and that was a YUUUUGE influence when deciding where to live when moving to this amazing country! I mean, LOOK AT THIS VIEW! 
Having seen Malibu, Venice beach, Santa Monica beach and then that 10/10 bombshell in a red one piece running in slow motion along it (The one and only Pam Anderson of course 😍) on my TV all those years ago in Brisbane Australia, it's always so surreal stepping onto these beaches. It's like an adult version of the first time you go to visit Disneyland! 🀣 No Pam unfortunately though πŸ˜«β€©β€©BUT, on the topic of red one pieces and amazing beaches, seeing all these Baywatch promos everywhere it makes me REAL excited for this summer as I feel we are all in for a bit of a treat with some hilariously funny, BADASS sexy and down right dirty R rated action when #Baywatch hits the big screen!! @TheRock, another massive movie no doubt! Heeeeeeeee's on πŸ”₯ (NBA JAM reference anyone?) Oh and PS – @TheRock, Sir, if you get a spare moment, would you mind helping a sister out by being my wingman on any of these future movie sets because DAAAAAANNNGGGGGG, those women are on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😍😍😍 hook a girl up πŸ™‹πŸ½πŸ‹

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Another pic from the @GUESS Lingerie 2016 Campaign. This is around the time I booked my first Guess campaign and then when this campaign hit, my life really changed. One day I'll share the nitty gritty of it and all the other crazy things that were going on in my life at this time, but for now, let me just say that I have my determination, vision and this amazing man, Mr @paulmarciano What a special, kind and generous person. I am extremely grateful for Paul having the same belief that I have which was that I belong to the Guess family.. πŸ™πŸΌ Photographer @meganeclaire / Hair @hisvintagetouch / Makeup @laurenolearybeauty & of course the creative director @paulmarciano #GuessGirl #LoveGUESS #GuessLingerie

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Time for the @GUESS Originals launch party. ❀️#GuessOriginals

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Bikinis, sunglasses & @balibody watermelon oil is all I need today πŸ‰ #summer

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