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Seems the forthcoming X-Men movie Logan is really living up to its hype as a not-just-an-action flick, but something with a little more depth and substance.

For instance, in a clip that came out on Monday, fans missed out on the familiar “snikt” of Wolverine’s claws popping out—their owner ready to impale, eviscerate, disembowel or otherwise brutalize any number of enemies. Instead, it appeared Hugh Jackman was flexing his acting chops instead of his muscles, and wouldn’t you know it, the only thing he broke was some hillbilly’s shotgun.

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Here, we see a tense showdown between a group of country toughs, Logan and an unnamed buddy, played by ER‘s Eriq La Salle. There’s a dispute over land rights, with Logan’s friend claiming he’s in legal possession of the land they’re on, and the tough guys referring to a previous owner (keyword: previous*).

The scene’s heavy without being overtly violent, and shows the nuanced, subtle anger of which Jackman is so competently capable of displaying. Looks like Logan‘s really going to earn that R rating and—who knows—maybe even an Oscar nod or two.

*Nerd-talk time: Let’s not forget this whole plot is based on the Old Man Logan story line, which happens in an alternate Marvel universe—where most, if not all superheroes are dead (the X-Men by Logan’s own hand) and Logan himself lives in an abandoned silo on the property of Bruce Banner’s inbred children. So, you know, maybe those “previous owners” are dead, inbred Hulklings.

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