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A jilted husband believes he caught his wife cheating after he spied on her with a drone.

He secretly recorded her as she walked from their home to a store parking lot, where she met an unknown person and got into a car.

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According to the husband’s narrative during the video, his wife was supposed to be walking to work but turned another direction. A direction, he said, that flushed their 18-year-marriage down the drain.

The guy, who refers to himself as Yaog, gets super emotional while narrating the video, screaming and cussing at one point.

‘Watch. If you’re not paying attention you might miss it. Here it comes. There it goes! Eighteen years, boom! Eighteen years gone,” he said during the recording.

According to the Mirror, the husband only turned to the drone as a last resort.

“She had been getting called in early to work more often the past couple weeks, and then I got a call from someone telling me something was going on,” he said per the Mirror. “I tried to follow her a couple times prior but both times she went to work, so I’m not sure if she was getting tipped off or I was just unlucky.”

The man had originally posted the footage on Reddit where he has received several condolences and thousands of views.