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This guy can’t even open his eye to see because of the massive amount of cysts on his eyelid.

According to the video, this patient found Dr. Sandra Lee a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper online and came to her to help lighten his load.

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She gladly obliges and immediately goes to work, poking and prodding her way to a watery basin of slime.

Highlights of the rather lengthy video:

  • 4:12 Dr. Sandra grabs the tiny tongs and squeezes one of the several hidrocystomas (water filled cyst)
  • 6:36 she begins snipping off the extra flaps of skin left behind after “deflating” some of the cysts
  • 13:00 she pops a big one; and at
  • 14:37 she pops the biggest one yet under his eye and the goo, or melted butter as Dr. Sandra put it, flows—a very strong finish to a gruesome eye-prodding video.