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Say what you will about Hugh Jackman’s past efforts playing X-Men character Wolverine, but the last trailer for the upcoming film “Logan” has us ready to rock and roll.

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The man himself has tweeted out a couple of teasers over the last couple of hours.

Jackman has said that “Logan” would be last time he plays Wolverine.

It just felt like it was the right time to do it. And let’s be honest, 17 years. I never thought in a million years it would last, so I’m so grateful to the fans for the opportunity of playing it. … I kind of have in my head what we’re going to do in this last one. It just feels like this is the perfect way to go out.

Polygon made the point that this movie, like Deadpool, is rated R. We all know how well that nothing-is-off-limits movie did at the box office.

The film is also rated R, which feels a bit like a gimmick in our new post-Deadpool world, but should give the character the ability to wreck people in a bloodier fashion while also cursing. Which seems like a step in the right direction, as long as there’s a good story that frames the violence.

Hell to the yes.

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“Logan” is scheduled to drop on March 3, 2017.

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