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As the clock strikes midnight on Saturday night to ring in 2017 and friends and family drunkenly yell out the chorus to “Auld Land Syne,” there’s nothing that adds an exclamation point to the festivities like lighting up a few fireworks and watching the light show magic unfold.

While it’s perfectly fine to celebrate such a momentous occasion with an amateur fireworks show, there should definitely be some sort of safety precautions to make sure nobody has a bad time. For starters, maybe don’t follow the lead of these dummies.

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Some major, common sense takeaways from this? Stay a safe distance away from the fireworks after lighting them. Don’t light fireworks inside your house. And never, ever, no matter how much drunken encouragement you might get, stick a firework in your butt and light it off.

You’re pretty much always guaranteed to have an unpleasant experience.

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