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This CEO takes his “philosophy of quality control” to a whole new level. He shoots every person who works for him, and has been shot twice himself.

Miguel Caballero owns a premiere designer bullet proof clothing line—think Armani meets Carhartt—and requires all of his employees to take “the test,” which involves them putting on an article of clothing (shirt, jacket) and getting shot by Caballero at point-blank range.

“Everyone in the company and especially the commercial people have to receive the test. I shoot all my employees,” Caballero says in  the video.

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Watch as he shoots host Ryan Duffy of the series Vice.

Duffy is understandable—and literally—shaking in his boots, especially after he feels how lightweight the jacket is that is meant to protect him from a bullet.

From Steven Seagal to the Presidents of Peru, Columbia and  Venezuela, Caballero’s client list is extensive, and he’s looking to expand it even further.

He says in the video that Latin America is currently his biggest market but expects to extend popularity in the U.S.

It is quite amazing watching how this lightweight, stylish jacket stops a bullet, shot from only a few inches away and without any pain. But at a typical price range of $390 to $3,900, it will be a while before I’ll have one hanging in my closet.