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On Wednesday, it was sadly announced that Allman Brothers Band drummer and founding member Butch Trucks passed away at the age of 69 and this news was tinted with even greater tragedy on Thursday when it was revealed that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Trucks was a pioneer in southern rock drumming and rocked out on the sticks alongside Jai “Jaimoe” Johnny Johanson. That’s right, the Allman Brothers Band was a dual-drumming band. Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dicky Betts so succinctly captured Trucks’ influence in the book One Way Out. 

“Jaimoe was a real good drummer, but more of a pocket guy … he wasn’t really able to handle the power,” Betts said. “We needed Butch, who had that drive and strength, freight train, meat-and-potatoes thing. It set Jaimoe up perfectly.”

So, in memory of the late, great Butch Trucks, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remember him with some of his best drumming tracks. Enjoy.

The double drumming on this track really is second to none. It really doesn’t get any more swinging southern rock than this.

The masterful combination of bass and snare really adds to the southern grittiness of “Whipping Post.” It’s such a honest and heavy sound, that it’s almost as if the musicians themselves were tied to actual whipping posts. Such a classic.

You can’t truly talk about the Allman Brothers Band without mentioning “Ramblin’ Man,” and in this particular video that isolates the rhythm section, we get to listen to Trucks’ epic drumming along with the late Berry Oakley’s killer bass line. Now this is music.

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