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Freudian slip, Webster says: A slip of the tongue that is motivated by and reveals some unconscious aspect of the mind.

Not sure if that’s what happened to Lisa Dutton, who at the time was a morning news anchor on a Saskatoon, Canada, TV station, when she announced to her audience that she would be judging a kielbasa — a Polish sausage — eating contest.

She tried to recommended going online to buy tickets at

“You can go online and get tickets at pic-a-dick… ohhhh!” she exclaimed, covering her mouth and face while realizing her mistake.

Ooooooh, Canada.

And that was how Dutton universally became the “sausage blooper anchor woman.”

“Oh my goodness, that was ridiculous wasn’t it?”

It all worked out. Dutton has made a name for herself beyond that classic blooper.

She has been recognized as the best in her market.