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In all of my years of shooting guns and firing off thousands of rounds at the range, this is the first time this question has ever come up, but now that it has, I’m extremely intrigued to find out the answer.

If you were to combine that oft-quoted line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and sprinkle in a little bit of trigger happiness, you’d get the question at hand: Is it possible to ricochet a ricochet?

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Fortunately, the folks over at Demolition Ranch, always willing to put a gun-related question to the test, proved that it is, in fact, possible.

Actually, the Demolition Ranch gunslinger not only proved a double ricochet to be doable, but he even did so using six separate plates.

From our count, that’s a ricochet of a ricochet of a ricochet of a ricochet of a ricochet. Pretty impressive.