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Well, this is something.

By now you’ve heard about Brock Turner — the former Stanford swimmer who was convicted of sexual assault and will serve three months in prison as opposed to his original six month sentencing. His father wrote a letter to the judge, asking them to sympathize with Turner, stating that that his son no longer had an appetite for his favorite foods, and that the light sentence was a “steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action.”

Well on Sunday, it looks like someone made a Facebook page that supports Turner. We’re not sure who put this up or who’s behind it, but it’s so outlandish you have to wonder whether this was created by someone who actually wants to support the 20-year-old former Stanford athlete, or someone who wants to shame the family for their unrelenting support. The page was first noted by ESPN’s Bomani Jones.

Again: We aren’t too sure about the validity of this page, but the comments prove that people aren’t having it. Here are a couple of screen shots:

Brock Turner 1

Brock Turner 2

Yikes. We aren’t sure yet who created this page, or if it’s in all seriousness or not, but it is undoubtedly eyebrow-raising. We’ll continue to update this if we get any additional information.

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