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It’s not every day that ice fisherman experience much more excitement than the occasional bite, but just last week on a frozen lake in Chisago City, Minnesota, a couple of lakeside anglers got up-close-and-personal to a good ol’ fashioned police chase.

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The driver of the attempted getaway car was charged with driving under the influence and fleeing in a motor vehicle after throwing one too many back and driving around the lake with his kids. Considering the circumstances, it’s no surprise why the fisherman filming the incident kept repeatedly yelling “Nail his ass!” while the chase ensued, although maybe that isn’t something you want to be screaming too loud in public.

Sure, the cops ended up getting their man and the fishermen were treated to quite the show, but the real winners in this situation were clearly the fish, many of whom were probably able to use the high-speed distraction to swim from harm’s way.

And that’s what you call a victory for the scales (get it, scales? Laugh at our fish joke) of justice.

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