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Kanye West’s 39th birthday was on Wednesday, and this sports broadcaster from Tuscon decided to pay homage to the rap artist and producer by doing the only thing he could: fitting 39 Kanye references into his three minute news segment.

The broadcaster — Ari Alexander for KVOA — kept splicing in the West references at every opportunity. Some of them fit into the broadcast seemlessly (All of the Lights and Bound 2), while others were definitely obvious shout outs.

“Who gonna stop me? Haaaaaaah.”

Yeah, that one was obvious.

“He put that ball on an Ultralight Beam!”

Yeah, that one, too.

In true fashion, Alexander dropped his mic after successfully running through all of his clips.

Can you spot all the Kanye references in there? It’s not easy, as Alexander goes across all of West’s albums, even digging into some of West’s work as a featured artist.

If you do get all 39, you should be proud of yourself. Think of how proud Kanye is of Kanye right now, then apply that to yourself.

Bo Churney |