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Famed director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic—and, like, a million other classic movies) gave an interview at the premiere of Atlantis Rising, the new National Geographic documentary he’s just executive produced, and it seems like he’s just, well, pretty much over the whole Aliens franchise.

In anticipation of the May 19th arrival of Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi tour de force—
Alien: Covenant—Vulture spoke with him, but couldn’t seem to help bringing up the storied franchise about man-eating, egg-laying, chest-bursting xenomorphs and the women who love them.

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Per Cameron on the Aliens franchise:

I don’t think it’s worked out terribly well. I think we’ve moved on beyond it. It’s like, okay, we’ve got it, we’ve got the whole Freudian biomechanoid meme. I’ve seen it in 100 horror films since. I think both of those films stand at a certain point in time, as a reference point. But is there any validity to doing another one now? I don’t know. Maybe. Let’s see, jury’s out. Let’s see what Ridley comes up with. Let me just add to that — and don’t cut this part off, please — I will stand in line for any Ridley Scott movie, even a not-so-great one, because he is such an artist, he’s such a filmmaker. I always learn from him. And what he does with going back to his own franchise would be fascinating.

While Alien: Covenant definitely has fans waiting with bated breath, we wouldn’t bet on seeing Cameron make another appearance in the franchise itself. ‘