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Forget Family Feud and the Price is Right, Japan has a game show you won’t believe, and the competitors are not only cute, they’re talented too.

Japan took a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors and turned it into an event, complete with drama, fanfare, and cosplay. They call it Janken Taikai—Janken means paper-rock-scissors and Taikai means tournament.

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The show is put on by AKB48—an American Idol type group made up of 18 to mid-20-year-old women. The group has a 120 person membership and performs on a nightly basis at their own theater, according to Stage48.

This rock-paper-scissors tournament is taken very seriously. The competitors (members of AKB48) are dressed in cosplay, there’s a referee, and fans cheer for their favorite idols.

The contestants get so excited because if they win this year, they go on to be a feature idol in a spinoff show.