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Here’s proof that even the worst behavior gets rewarded.

Paulo Wanchope, the coach of Costa Rica’s national team, was watching a qualifier against Panama when he went nuts. As you can see, he flung open a gate and pushed a kid — and just like that, here he comes to save the day!  A man in the stands, who could double as Mighty Mouse or Mini-Me, gave Wanchope a beat down. There are conflicting reports on whether the man was a spectator or security guard, but either way, the whole thing was all caught on Twitter. Score: Humanity 1, morons, 0.

Wanchope resigned shortly after the incident, but he wasn’t unemployed long. It seems as if he was rewarded by becoming general manager of the country’s most lucrative club team“El Monstruo Morado.”

Bad behavior, unfortunately, can pay off. Maybe he’s learned to behave himself.