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If you’re fan of the UFC, then you know Joe Rogan is good for a few laughs. But if you’ve been hip to him longer than that, you know that the stand-up comic is a pretty hilarious dude. While on a hunting trip with some buddies, he talked poop along with fellow comedian Bryan Callen in a segment called “Talking S*** In the Woods.”

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As a longtime color commentator for the MMA giant, Rogan’s made quite a name for himself, but this is a side of him that’s not often seen. Watching him relaxed in the wilderness and cutting loose, just goes to show you that there’s more to him than just being the guy that talks during fights, which is what a lot of people know him as.

But Rogan and his comedic stylings started when he was a teenager, which led him first finding recognition as a comedian. It’s pretty awesome how being funny landed him in his position as one of the most recognized people in sports. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.