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On her Snapchat and Twitter feed on Wednesday night, Kim Kardashian West decided it was time to give the world a really clear shot of her son with husband Kanye West, Saint.

Saint, who was born in early December, is Kim and Kanye’s second child, after his big sister, North West.

The little baby has already become part of pop culture mythology after Kanye name-checked his youngest child in a song off of his latest album.

In “No More Parties in L.A.,” Kanye West raps alongside Kendrick Lamar about the trials and tribulations of beginning to live an adult life amidst the party atmosphere of Los Angeles.

First song they played for me was ’bout their friend that just died
Textin’ and drivin’ down Mulholland Drive
That’s why I’d rather take the 405
I be worried ’bout my daughter, I be worried ’bout Kim
But Saint is baby Ye, I ain’t worried ’bout him

In a follow up tweet to the photo, Kim declared that Saint “was [her] twin.” She then said that she believed that North looks like Kanye West, but Saint was definitely her clone.

“I mean North’s baby pics look like mine too but Saint i think looks more like me and North like Kanye,” she wrote on Twitter.

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