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When Lando Vannata landed a spinning wheel kick to John Makdessi’s jaw at UFC 206 Saturday night, it was as visually and audibly stunning a knockout as you’ll ever see.

Only about 90 seconds into round one, Vannata appeared to still be feeling out his opponent when in the blink of an eye he spun a quick, 180 degrees and landed the beauty, leaving Makdessi to do the Nestea Plunge and creating one of the weekend’s best sports highlights.

Vannata later told reporters that he’d practiced the kick so many times he knew it would work.

“I practiced that kick about 2,000 times in camp and I knew it was going to work,” he said via MMA Junkie. “I was planning on using it and I knew he couldn’t stop it. I expected it to be successful…”

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The win moved Vannata to 9-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC and dropped Makdessi to 14-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC.