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Is “Live!” ready to bring in a new co-host?

Since Michael Strahan said goodbye to “Live!” in May, Kelly Ripa has been joined by several guest co-hosts and rumors have been swirling about just who will fill that empty seat full time.

According to TV Line, ABC executives have brought retired NASCAR legend, Jeff Gordon to the top of the short list of potential replacements. Gordon is a seasoned veteran to the show having appeared as a guest co-host alongside Ripa nine times while she was filming “Live with Regis and Kelly.” He even filled in as guest co-host with Regis Philbin before Ripa came on board in 2001.

The last time Gordon appeared on “Live!” was in 2015, but he only appeared as a guest.

Since retiring from racing in 2015, Gordon has been working in broadcast as a Fox NASCAR analyst. If he signs on full-time with “Live!” reports indicate that his career path will closely mirror Strahan’s. After retiring from the NFL, Strahan started a career in broadcast before joining “Live!”

A rep for “Live!” danced around the rumor regarding Gordon signing on to the show.

“Lots of rumors out there, but we don’t comment on co-host speculation.”

Until they secure a permanent replacement for Strahan, fans of “Live!” can expect to see more guest co-hosts with Ripa. Other potential replacements include Rob Lowe and Anderson Cooper.

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