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If you’re looking for love, this weekend could be your best chance of the entire year.

According to Men’s Health, the popular online dating app Tinder will have its busiest day of the year this Sunday. The first Sunday of the year is the most popular day on their app, but due to the holiday being last Sunday and all, January 8 is poised to be the make-up date, so to speak.

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A press release from Tinder stated that in 2016, there was a 10 percent increase in matches made on “Dating Sunday,” which fell on January 3 last year, compared to the last Sunday of January in 2016. Representatives from Tinder are expecting a 12 percent increase this Sunday.

“Typically, we’ve seen a spike in people joining and using Tinder at the beginning of each year,” Tinder sociologist (which apparently is a thing) Dr. Jess Carbino in the press release.

If you’re single or just looking to mingle, make sure to login this Sunday. Give it a swipe, you never know who you’ll find.