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That awkward moment when you find a stranger blasted out of his mind passed out spread-eagle on the hood of your car.

Since it’s the current day on the timeline of history and we have the technology at our fingertips to record such silly incidents for posterity, that’s exactly what one man did.

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“Hey, boss, are you alive? You’re sleeping on my car,” the amazed car owner said in between hysterical laughs.

No number of honking horns could rouse this stranger from his deep, deep slumber, but whatever was going on his head, he appeared to be enjoying it.

Just look at that grin:


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At least there was a positive ending.

“You good, boss?” the man recording asks. The drunken stranger loses his balance for a second, raises his arms and says, “I’m good.”

Don’t know if we buy that, but Godspeed.

(H/t BroBible)

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