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Is there anything worse than a man who beats on a woman? Probably, but they’re all at least top-3 “Scum of the Earth.” This game show contestant just entered the rarified air of dirt bag and it’s “no contest” as to why.

So he lost his cool? So what? That’s no excuse for how he tosses this poor girl to the ground like a rag doll, and then punches her in the face. Unless they were playing for their lives, there’s no way that should happen. But they weren’t playing for their lives, just playing for a car.

Her throwing that shoe was not cool so she’s not exactly Mother Mary, but that hardly solicits a body slam and punch to the face. It’s like UFC 201 out there.

Apparently this was one of those competitions where contestants have to keep their hands on the car and who ever is the last person standing wins.

I guess she wanted to win at all costs but it’s safe to say Mr. WWE lost more than just the truck.