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The prenup between billionaire James Packer and fiance Mariah Carey sounds insane to us poor folk, but it’s no laughing matter to her camp who claims his people are treating the multi-platinum star as a straight up “gold digger.”

Page Six reports that the negotiations for a marriage that never happened got heated when Packer’s business managers offered the songstress a meager $1 million per year of marriage, despite the fact that Mariah earns more than that for one 45 minute concert appearance.

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His camp then countered with a $6 million per year proposal up to $30 million maximum, but made some other stipulations.

Page Six reports:

“Carey would get a credit card, but it could only be used for living and staff expenses, not clothes, and could not exceed a certain amount each year. There would be no joint accounts, and Carey and her kids would not inherit any money from Packer.”

The document also stated, per Page Six, that Carey would not keep any “jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000” unless it is stipulated in writing by Packer, “this is my gift to you.”

This was reportedly insulting to Mariah as she was under the impression she was marrying the man of her dreams for love.

Reps for Packer said reports that a prenup was in place were “grossly inaccurate and completely untrue,” and even added, “It’s meaningless because there was no prenup,” Page Six reported.

Better days for the former lovebirds: