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It’s probably safe to say that if Martha Stewart doesn’t know who you are, you are probably a nobody.

The Kardashians’ BFF Jonathan Cheban learned that the hard way when he encountered Stewart at the Daily Mail’s “Seriously Popular” yacht party in Cannes on Wednesday night.

After Cheban reportedly told Stewart he was “very well known,” Stewart took to Twitter to ask the party hosts if anyone actually knew who he was.

Eventually, Stewart realized who he was but still didn’t seem very impressed. “Better photo of Jonathan who is a very famous BFF of the Kardashians. Who knew!” she wrote with a photo of Cheban at the party.

The two apparently got pretty friendly after that, because Cheban later tweeted his own photo with the queen of entertaining and wrote, “Fun dinner with the best!! @MarthaStewart has been keeping me laughing for hours!”

Okay, so she didn’t know who Cheban was, but we did learn that Stewart is a very big fan of Jason Derulo, who performed on Wednesday night.

She especially liked him when he took his shirt off.

(h/t Cosmopolitan)

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