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Meanwhile in London, men are paying good money for fit ladies to choke them out with their thighs.

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The “Submission Room,” owned and operated by a one Pippa the Ripper, offers a variety of different ways for men to be dominated on wrestling mats by women.

The website lists wrestling options as semi-competitive, fantasy, competitive, domination, two on one and role-play.

For dudes who just want to watch a catfight, apparently that’s an option too.

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So, Barcroft TV did the right thing and investigated this gym.

Pippa the Ripper says that while the “majority of our sessions are semi-competitive,” a lot of dudes, like “Steve,” ranging from ages 19 to 70, show up with kinky ideas about being choked out by strong women in tights and skirts for roughly $180 per hour.

“There are some men who call with unusual requests but it’s mainly just to do with outfits. Some guys specify that they want us wearing tights. Sometimes a skirt. Nothing too crazy and as long as the girls are comfortable, we accommodate them,” she said.

Other wrestlers like Amethyst Hammerfist seem to really enjoy knocking guys out.

“In the last year and a half, I have knocked quite a few guys out. It’s amazing, especially if it is during a session that is really intense and it can be electric,” she said. “I love to knock guys out with I’m looking at them right in the eyes.”

About that guy Steve.

YouTube/Barcroft TV
YouTube/Barcroft TV

He’s a 59-year-old regular at the “Submission Room” who has a foot fetish and is open with his daughter about how “amusing” it is “to be pinned down and hurt by little girls” on his weekends.

“Wrestle girls just sort of came up and I thought it sounded really sexy, so I started looking into it and I realised it’s a proper business and there are lots of people doing it,” he said. “The girls here are all like my daughters. Most of them are slightly younger than my daughter.

“It’s just so amusing to be pinned down and hurt by little girls. I mean what’s not to love?!” he added.

Steve says he goes to the “Submission Room” as often as he can.

Here we are just thinking about all the things we can do for $180 an hour that don’t include getting knocked out by tightening legs.