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The ad was already star-studded to start, with Joel and Ethan Coen at the helm, but getting Peter Fonda too? Looks like Mercedes-Benz meant business for Super Bowl LI.

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In a tribute ad to 1969 classic “Easy Rider,” Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” blares as a biker bar humming with all of the important things — beer, billiards, arm wrestling and grunting — is interrupted by a messenger: “Blocked in.”

“Blocked in?!” the room responds and goes outside to see how is responsible.

And who do the bikers find but actor Peter Fonda, who played Wyatt in “Easy Rider,” hopping into his Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster.

Fonda looks at the slack-jawed bikers and says “Nice ride,” before taking his rightful place behind the steering wheel.

A woman replies, “he’s still looking good.”

If you look half-closely — okay, if you have your eyes open — you can see that the bar denizens are huge “Easy Rider” fans.

YouTube/Mercedes-Benz USA
YouTube/Mercedes-Benz USA

“Peter Fonda plays a critical piece of the storyline, and he’s known as someone who still epitomizes what it is to love driving performance and the open road. … The film [Easy Rider] component goes back 48 years. We thought there was a nice parallel that was set up between the era of that and what was, in 1967, the beginnings of AMG,”  Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA, told Adweek.

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It’s the first time the Coen brothers have directed a Super Bowl ad in 15 years.

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