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Even with his dad bod, Leonardo DiCaprio dates a new smokeshow pretty much every week. But there’s one model who wants nothing to do with the A-lister. Romantically, anyway.

Earlier this week, Brazilian model and actress Greice Santo was quick to shoot down rumors that she was in any way involved with DiCaprio.

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According to Page Six, Santo was apparently one of many women invited to a party by promoter Andrei Gillott. Her interest was strictly professional, as she was hoping to pitch Leo on a movie idea. But when she saw her name in the press in connection with DiCaprio’s infamous “Pussy Posse,” she shot Gillott the following angry text”

“I’ve seen something in the press about me being part of Leo’s pussy posse. I really don’t appreciate that!” wrote Santo, who is married to pro gambler and FBI informant R.J. Cipriani.

“I would never have even allowed you to come if I though there was a chance that [pitching a movie] was what you were going to do,” Gillott wrote back. “You do not go to a dinner among friends and then try and use someone for your own benefit. It is not the time or place to do that.”

“If you try and get something else printed, it is going to backfire on you. Major talent agents will blackball you. Studios too.”

Santo then accused Gillott of threatening her, to which he responded “I’m not threatening you. I’m explaining how this town works.”

Something tells us that Santo won’t be rolling with DiCaprio any time soon.

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