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Assault and bladdery?

35-year-old Jeanette Woods of Tuscon, Texas walked into her 16-year-old daughter’s room to find a 16-year-old boy asleep in her bed.

Woods lost it.

According to KPHO’s read of the police report, the teen woke up to Woods cursing him out and punching him. The mother allegedly straddled the teen and punched him repeatedly until he lost control of his bladder and peed on himself.

But he wasn’t out of the woods yet. The teen, who admitted he’d slept with the woman’s daughter, ran out of the house wearing only a pair of urine-soaked jeans.

Woods chased the teen and hit him some more. Then, he threw up.

He left his car behind at the house, which proved to be a big mistake. Woods took a baseball bat to the car and caused $5,300 worth of damage.

The teen also claimed there were items missing from the car.

Woods admitted to assaulting the teen because he slept with her daughter.

She also told police he was “mouthing off and disrespecting her.”

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