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“House of Clinton” is a popular viral video that purportedly shows — or at least asks questions — about the curious deaths of people who had ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton:

  • John F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Bill Clinton White House intern Mary Mahoney
  • Clinton White House Counsel Vince Foster
  • James McDougal
  • Walter Scheib
  • Seth Rich
  • Shawn Lucas

Some of these names are famous. Some are lesser known. Conspiracy theories have been bandied about a few of them since their untimely deaths, going back well over two decades. Each met an unfortunate end ranging from accidents to murder.

Do most of us even know seven people who have died? Would people as famous and as powerful as the Clintons potentially know more people than the average person, thus increasing the number of people they might know who have departed?

Is this all just pure coincidence? Or are there too many coincidences to ignore?

Watch the video, and you be the judge.