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With Conor McGregor soaking up the spotlight as the top male fighter in the UFC, Nate Diaz, the same Nate Diaz who submitted McGregor before the Irishman got his revenge, feels like he deserves a shot at being top dog in the UFC, but is being overlooked by Dana White.

Despite Diaz’s claims of “being put on the shelf” by the UFC, White pointed out last weekend that he’s offered Diaz at least two fights.

“We just offered Nate Diaz a fight, and we’re waiting to hear back from him. So we’ll see,” White told USA Today.

“(The Diaz brothers) say they want a fight. I offered Nick Diaz two fights. He turned down two fights. I offered him Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler accepted the fight. Then I just offered him Demian Maia. Nick Diaz turned down two fights. And then we just offered Nate a fight and we’re waiting to hear back from him.”

Well, it looks like White did actually did get a response from Diaz via Twitter and it was less-than-enthusiastic:

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Diaz’s main issue probably has to do with pay, considering back in December, he said: “I’m only fighting at lightweight for a big fight or 20 million (dollars) just to take the call. Until then, I’m just living my life.”

Until Diaz and White are able to strike a suitable deal, Diaz is following in McGregor’s footsteps and trying for a boxing license.

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