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A year and  a half after he first joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show,” stage singer Neil Young made his triumphant return to the program on Tuesday night.

For many years, Fallon has made people laugh with his pitch perfect impression of a 1970s era Neil Young. Clad in a brown jacket and low hat, Fallon is an almost near mimic of Young. Last year the two teamed up to sing Young’s classic song “Old Man.”

On Tuesday night’s show the duo played together once more, this time opting for an original cut titled “Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump.”

The strange song found the comedian and singer sitting back to back on a tree stump, dressed identically once more.

Some of the lyrics of the song teetered on the bizarre, especially this line sung by the real Neil Young.

“Where did the other Neil come from? / Came from the future back to the past, to warn your ass,” Young sings.

Young appeared on the program to promote his new album “Earth” which comes out on Friday.

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