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If you’ve ever seen “American Ninja Warrior,” then you know it takes a real badass to complete one of their courses. Now, imagine if ANW had a big brother that was notorious for kicking its butt: that’s “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

The trailer for the new Netflix obstacle course show is out and we’re more than ready for the first installment.

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With Sylvester Stallone as the show’s executive producer, it’s hard to imagine it not living up to the hype. The show will have hundreds of competitors from six countries who will battle it out until one is able to declare victory.

According to Business Insider, the show will consist of an hour-long episode, with the 10-episode series featuring 12 competitors, two from each country, who will take on the obstacle course known as “The Beast.”

A “Beastmaster” will be crowned after each episode. The season finale will pit nine individual winners, one from each episode, against each other for the chance to become the Ultimate Beastmaster.

The show’s first episode will air on February 24, and we couldn’t be more excited.