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Saving money is a good thing, especially when you have kids. But it’s worth your while to spend a little more on certain items.

Jose Bravo with the Campaign for Healthier Solutions says that, for health reason, these three items should never be purchased at a dollar store.

1. Costume jewelry: Most cheap jewelry contains lead, which is extremely toxic and can affect several of our organs. To determine if your children’s jewelry has lead in it, rub it on a white piece of paper. “If the paint comes off on the white paper, that’s probably lead,” Bravo said.

2. Bath toys: Some dollar stores sell appliqués and stickers that children can affix to the side of the tub. Bravo said these items are often made with chemicals that are hazardous to kids’ health.

3. Plastic school supplies: “We suggest that, wherever possible, if you can buy those (pencil) pouches made out of canvas or some kind of cloth material, that would be much better,” Bravo said.

But you can still save on other items. Here are some things you can and should buy at the dollar store.

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