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Getting the munchies after smoking pot has been everyone’s favorite side effect since the cultivation of that controversial plant. And since then, people have been coming up with different ways to properly facilitate said munchies.

Instagram user @Dr.Seuscio has found a different way to combine his two favorite things — cannabis and fine dining — with a latest craze known as “Dining and Dabbing.”

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Dabbing is the act of smoking cannabis oil, which is a highly concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting the psychoactive properties from the plant. Dr. Seuscio films he and his friends sneaking in dabs before enjoy delicious foods at their favorite restaurants. Hence, dining and dabbing.

Though Dr. Seuscio has been dining and dabbing under the radar, he hopes to eventually make his idea a little more mainstream.

“I’m actually trying to organize a ganja restaurant takeover sanctioned by the owners, of course,” Dr. Seuscio told Food Beast via Instagram private message. “Where we bring our own meds and equipment and can dab at a restaurant while we enjoy a meal off of a limited menu, where everything offered is only the best quality. And if it’s well received, we’ll possibly make it a repeating event.”

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