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This shows what happens when adults don’t behave.

In the video, posted anonymously by a retail employee in Saginaw, Michigan, a great stampede begins to snag up cheap vegetable steamers.

“I’m posting anonymous because [I don’t want to be fired]… I work at this store in Saginaw and this lady stole a veggie steamer from a KID on Black Friday!” the anonymous employee wrote.


Customers quickly tackle each other to get to the items, and knock over the display.

When one little kid gets hold of one the steamers, he quickly has it snatched out of his hands by an over-eager adult.

After she tries to run off, a woman who may be the boy’s mother blocks her exit, and tries to get back the steamer that the lady took.

Now suddenly the victim, the woman who took the steamer begins screaming, telling the woman that she was being too aggressive and was getting scary.

Update: The Syracuse Post-Standard notes many commenters have flagged the video as a fake, pointing out the child and mother appear to be holding boxes before the store opened its doors.

Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity

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