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As the general public continues to scratch its head over sexual assault convict Brock Turner’s six-month jail sentence, his dad’s comments after the conviction and the assailant’s letter to the judge, we’ve learned that Turner also sent out a picture of his victim’s breasts to buddies.

Court documents prepared by the prosecution and obtained by the Daily Mail show that Turner sent a text message through the app GroupMe to college buddies of his victim’s breast.

One student, identified as Justin Buck, 21, replied “Whos (sic) tit is that.”

As mentioned, the text message was referenced in prosecutor Alaleh Kianierci’s People’s Sentencing Memorandum.

The relevant portion reads as follows.

Shortly after the Defendant’s arrest in the early morning hours of January 18 2015, Detectives noticed a text message in the ‘Group Me’ application that appeared on the Defendant’s phone. It stated: ‘Who’s tits are those?’ A search warrant for the Defendant’s phone was obtained and it was searched by the Santa Clara County crime lab. Detectives were unable to locate the text from the ‘Group Me’ application or any photos related to that text. However, they learned that when there is a third party application, the images are not stored in the phone and can be deleted by a third party member in the group.

The image was deleted.

You can view the document for yourselves below.

People's Sentencing Memorandum
People’s Sentencing Memorandum

Despite all of this, Turner will likely be released from jail on Sept. 2, three months into his sentence.

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