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Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, who gunned down 49 people in a gay bar on Sunday, spoke to the press Wednesday morning from his house and said that his son “was killed by terrorists” and that the massacre was “a terrorist idea.”

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Here’s his quote, as it appeared in the Palm Beach Post:

My son was killed by terrorists. Fifty people were killed by terrorism. This was a terrorist idea. [My son] learned from them.

He would go on to say that his son was “used.”

“He was used by [terrorists)]. He learned from them,” the elder Mateen said. “Based on what I thought, [our relationship] was close. But he fooled me.”

Later on, Seddique Mateen composed himself and said that America ought to focus on “annihilating” terrorism after the Orlando attacks.

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Previously, the father said “sometimes I wish the son wasn’t born” and wondered where everything went wrong.

“I did everything possible. Sent him to school, sent him to college, paid for all expenses, and he turned out to be a terrorist. I wish no father [would] go through what I am going through,” he said.

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