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If you were fortunate enough to watch the end of the Academy Awards Sunday night, then you got to witness one of the biggest award show blunders of all-time: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the center of a colossal mix-up that wrongly awarded La La Land with Best Picture before then rightly giving the award to Moonlight in the midst of panic and confusion.

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But what could be more hilarious than  the biggest primetime screw-up since Steve Harvey wrongly crowning Miss Colombia as the Miss Universe winner? Watching foul-mouthed Aussie commentator Ozzy Man give his opinion while watching the Oscars trainwreck unfold.

In his latest rendition of Ozzy Man Reviews, aptly titled Oscars Fuck Up 2017, he pretty much calls a spade a spade in typical Ozzy Man fashion. And the Oscar for best commentary on the Oscars goes to…