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Paris Jackson turned 18 in April, which means she will be casting her vote in this year’s presidential election.

we mustn't dwell. no, not today. we can't! not on rex manning day!

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Jackson has been pretty vocal about her beliefs by retweeting presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, but her latest post on Instagram has made her opinions of Donald Trump very clear!

In the photoshopped image, she and her late father, Michael Jackson, can be see punching Trump in the face.

No caption was necessary for the image, and Jackson kept it simple with emojis.

In May, Jackson tweeted more shade about Trump. With an image of Trump speaking into a microphone, Jackson wrote, “please explain how our country has been letting this CANCER grow for so long?? time to cut the tumor out! #dumptrump.”

The #dumptrump campaign started even before the daughter of Michael Jackson turned 18. In March 2016, Jackson posed next to some graffiti that read “fuck Trump.” She flipped the bird to the camera for extra emphasis.

We’re not sure if Trump would approve of Jackson’s image, because he made several claims in the media that he was a “good friend” to the late King of Pop.

In a 2015 CNN article, Trump and Michael Jackson’s relationship was explored.

Michael Jackson had a home in Trump Tower in New York City, a fact that apparently went straight to Trump’s head, because he was once quoted as saying, “He follows me around, in a sense that he likes what I have.”

Trump told CNN’s Larry King that he saw Michael Jackson perform at Madison Square Garden.

“I went to Madison Square Garden, and I watched Michael Jackson perform and do the moon walk across the stage. There was no entertainer like him,” he said.

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Throughout the years, Trump made comments about how good their friendship was. After Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, Trump made more comments to CNN’s Dana Bash about the late singer.

“You know when Michael Jackson died, I knew him very well, everybody was talking about Michael Jackson, but they didn’t know him.”

According to Trump, he and Michael Jackson had some wild times at his home, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.

We’re not sure who to believe, but one thing is pretty clear: Paris doesn’t like Trump as much as her late father may have.

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