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The case of a an Indianapolis man accused of stabbing a little boy to death in his home will drag on longer, as defense attorneys have now asked for a change of venue on the case.

Logan Tipton, 6, was killed when an intruder from 175 miles away broke into his home and stabbed him in the head several times with a kitchen knife one morning

33-year-old Ronald Exantus of Indianapolis is awaiting trial, accused of breaking into the Tiptons home and murdering the child.  Logan’s 11-year-old sister is being hailed as a hero because she was the first to wake up and scream, alerting her dad.

Versailles Police Department
Versailles Police Department

Four children besides Logan were asleep in the room he was killed in.

Polie say Exantus attacked two other kids, but the father was able to stop him and detain him until police arrived.

WKYT reports that Exantus stabbed Logan “with a large kitchen knife that he obtained in the house.”

Exantus’ public defender originally believed her client to be “mentally ill,” but a judge ruled he’s competent to stand trial. Defense lawyers say they plan to ask for a change of venue before a scheduled trial date in April.

The grieving family — which has been waiting two years for justice — said they didn’t know the man accused of the crime.

In one of their few public comments, the little boy’s mother, Heather Tipton, said: “We firmly believe that Ronald Exantus murdered our beloved  boy, randomly and in cold blood,  for his own disgusting reasons.”

And his distraught father, Dean, said, “I wish it was me instead of him.”

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