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A California high school teacher was arrested for allegedly sending sexually provocative photos to a 17-year-old student and having oral sex with him, police said.

Trudy Hill, 32, was arrested after surrendering to police at the San Jose Police Department, the Mercury News reported. Investigators charged her with sending harmful matter to a minor and oral copulation with a minor.

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She immediately posted bond after her arrest.

Authorities say Hill, an English instructor at Santa Teresa High School, carried on a sexual relationship with the student between August and November.

“Hill used her position of authority to exploit the victim into a sexual relationship,” San Jose police Sgt. Enrique Garcia told The Mercury News.

Superintendent Chris D. Funk told KRON4 News that Hill went on medical leave after only three weeks of starting work at the school, and although she is currently on paid medical leave, that will change to unpaid once the district attorney files its report.

“She will not be going back to work until this proceeding is over,” Funk said during the interview. “If she is convicted she will definitely be terminated.”

KRON4  reported that although Hill was very popular among the students and well liked as a teacher, most students they spoke with had heard rumors about the teacher/student relationship.

Hill is the fourth employee in this district who has been accused of sexual misconduct with a student, the Mercury News reports.

In February, 35-year-old Juan Gonzalez, a well-liked interim vice principal at James Lick High, was arrested on suspicion of having an “inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old female student.

Enoch Garcia, a 21-year-old assistant track coach at Mt. Pleasant High, was arrested in March on suspicion of having sexual relationships with two students, ages 14 and 17.

In June, 33-year-old Marc Alquiza, a wrestling coach at Independence High, was arrested on suspicion of lewd and lascivious acts with a 14-year-old girl in a summer wrestling program at the school.