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This had to hurt — before and after.

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And it clearly did. At one point, he tries to fight through the pain but yell, “Oh my god almighty!” And helets out anther screech just before the doctor starts to press goo out of the boil.

Here’s a portion of the poor guy’s own description on YouTube:

Boil on my ass being lanced for the 2nd time. If your watching this to get an idea of what it feels like I’ll tell you it hurts like hell, but only for a minute. When they first hit me with the needle to numb it, listen at 1:37. You can hear me start making sounds through my teeth and then, call out to God. The actual lancing wasn’t bad because of the numbing medicine, but I get a nice surprise at 3:32 that was definately put on my “top most painful moments” list. He says he is trying to open the cavity but I think he was a little agitated I told my girlfriend to record it hence he gave no warning to what I was about to endure. Anyways hope yall get what you need from this.

He closed by writing, “Enjoy!!” We might, but he clearly didn’t.