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This compilation of top five prank fails includes a water bucket, a selfie stick, a taser and the help of some paramedics. One boyfriend didn’t appreciate his girlfriend taking his Oreo cookies so how does he get his revenge? The old bucket of water trick. Little does he know that his girlfriend has some sort of photoshoot that she needs her hair dry for and so he felt pretty bad. But she did admit to taking his cookies!

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There was another boyfriend who scared the life out of his girlfriend by letting her tase him and he goes down like a ton of bricks. He acts like he’s completely unconscious and even gets taken into an ambulance. Turns out he was totally fine and just wanted his girlfriend to miss him a little bit and get a mini-heart attack of his own.

The best prank might have been one girl giving her siblings wasabi brownies and then vinegar water to wash it all down. It got her brother to spit it back up on his plate and make things incredibly awkward.