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President Obama added his reaction to the chorus of world leaders and pundits who have weighed in on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.

Speaking at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, Obama said he’d spoken with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his plan to resign earlier today.

Following that conversation, Obama said he is “confident the United Kingdom is committed to orderly transition out of the European Union.”

The president said the U.S. and U.K. economic and financial teams will remain in close contact. He noted that he’d also been in contact with Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Obama said the Brexit vote speaks to “ongoing challenges” raised by globalization. But he noted that one thing that “will not change” is the “special relationship” between the United States and the United Kingdom.

“That will endure,” he added.

Obama said the NATO alliance will remain a “cornerstone of global security.”

Yolanda R. Arrington |