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MCKINNEY, Texas — A former Texas police officer who was caught on camera throwing a 15-year-old girl to the ground will not face charges.

A Collin County grand jury failed to indict Eric Casebolt for the June 2015 incident.

Casebolt, who worked for the McKinney Police Department at the time, was caught on video roughly handling Dajerria Becton while responding to a disturbance at a community party. Casebolt is seen in the video throwing Becton to the ground and placing his knees on her back. He also drew his firearm when bystanders tried to intervene.

Here is the full video.

The video generated over 12 million views and sparked outrage, leading to protests from civil rights activists.

Casebolt resigned from the force after the incident. One of his lawyers claims he was overemotional due to having responded to two suicide calls earlier in the day, according to The Associated Press.

The McKinney Police Department will hold a community meeting on Monday to discuss the case.

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